AMBULARE is a small project that was born in 2010 with a single objective: to be a reference for tourism in the Ribeira Sacra. The initial idea was to use some dynamizing element of the different resources that were in the area and to be able to make known the many places of natural, patrimonial and cultural interest that they are in. In order to achieve this goal, it is decided to focus efforts on carrying out activities related to hiking, walking paths and paths, and making each person feel part of this place. 


Little by little develops an integral hiking project in which it continues working on the initial basis but continuously looking for innovation. The objective of improving the project every day leads to the expansion of activities and collaborations to other places, incorporating new elements to the main project. 

In relation to tourism, AMBULARE aims to be a reference for all those who value and understand trekking as the best way to know a place. Natural and cultural heritage need to be visited in a respectful way, favoring, in the long term, the economic development of these areas. 

In relation to the economy, AMBULARE understands trekking as an alternative of economic development in the rural environment and it is defended that the support to the development of the trekking is a fundamental option from a point of view of territorial socioeconomic development. 

From AMBULARE experiences are created, a positive attitude is transmitted and respect for culture, nature and traditions. Therefore, all those interested in establishing and developing territorial socio-economic alternatives focused on the valuation of the natural and cultural environment are made, advised and assisted.


In 2012, consulting services were added to the main activities. This represented an exciting day-to-day challenge, as well as a natural outlet for continued betting on territorial development. 

From here the objectives remain the same, incorporating new lines of action but retaining the essence of AMBULARE: nature, culture and tradition. 

Since AMBULARE has always looked to the future with a clear understanding of what, how, when and where. And there is one thing that makes the difference: do what you like. Simply that is a guarantee for all who trust in AMBULARE. 

Thanks to many of you this initiative has been possible. 

Thank you, sincerely.